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09.02.2020 -

Order the purchase of live YouTube subscribers and bots-price comparison
If you decide to develop your own channel and bring it to the top, you are probably wondering how you can do this without making much effort. One of the options that will suit You in this case is to buy subscribers on YouTube. In this regard, many users will want to know what price such a pleasure can cost.

The average price on the market, both for bots and for live subscribers, is from 500 to 4200 rubles per 1000 PCs. If You assume that you will buy better quality live subscribers for a lot of money, then we will have to disappoint you. At the moment, the price of subscribers in YouTube does not depend on the quality. And this scale of the price tag is connected only with the pursuit of profit and buying. That is, the more expensive the seller buys the material, the greater the final amount of the service. Therefore, in this case, more expensive does not mean better. For example, the price for buying 1000 views is from 65 to 200 rubles, and likes cost from 500 to 1500 rubles. Here you can buy cheap likes on video, it will be difficult to find a price below the presented one.

As a result, we can conclude that it is best to trust trusted and reliable specialists when ordering the purchase of subscribers on YouTube / YouTube. buy youtube subscribers fast

When did the massive decommissioning of YouTube subscribers begin
Many users who have recently purchased subscribers to their channel, probably already faced such a problem as mass write-offs in YouTube. However, this trouble did not only affect those who acquired subscribers or to their own adds, but also quite popular channels of top bloggers such as PewDiePie and Eeoneguy (American run). Accordingly, the following question arose: why and when did this happen? We will try to answer it as accurately as possible.

Massive YouTube write-offs began in August 2015. The following channels (accounts) were mostly debited):


Purchased or artificially added low-quality channels;


The main problem with such write – offs is inactive channels (accounts). Unfortunately, this cannot be affected in any way. If a user does not log in to their channel for more than six months, this account is considered inactive and may be blocked. Or, if the user does not visit Your channel and does not view videos on it during the same period, he also becomes an inactive member and the system charges such an account from Your channel. Therefore, if you want to buy YouTube subscribers, remember that this will not affect the charges, only if you do not purchase them on questionable services.


How to buy YouTube subscribers so that the channel is not banned
Having clarified the point with mass write-offs, it is logical to think about how, in this case, to buy YouTube subscribers, so that they are not written off, and the channel is not banned? To do this, you need to persistently adhere to several rules:

Do not buy subscribers on unverified services. To find out which service is more honest and conscientiously performs services, pay attention to its reputation on the Internet and customer reviews on forums and social networks;

Start your purchase with small «portions». You should not immediately go broke for hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Buy about a hundred to start with. This way you will not harm your channel too much and check the quality of the added material;

Constantly follow the news in the world of YouTube. Often, users share information about a new wave of write-offs or other checks on the YouTube system. At this time, it is better to «lay low» and not make purchases;

Analyze sellers ‘ prices. As we said earlier: expensive does not mean quality;

Do not overclock a completely empty channel. Add subscribers yourself. Let it be just friends and acquaintances, but they will bring activity to Your channel in the form of views, comments and likes. Only then should you think about buying YouTube subscribers. If you can’t solve this issue with the help of friends and acquaintances, then you can just buy views and likes on YouTube in the right amount, it is quite inexpensive on our site;

Do everything systematically. Make purchases in small parts with certain intervals between orders. Also, do not forget to monitor the activity on the channel – the balance between the number of subscribers views and comments in it should be viewed.

This way, even with artificially added subscribers, Your channel will remain safe and will not be banned. Just do not forget to follow the basic rules of behavior on YouTube, prescribed by the social network itself.

Does paid promotion of YouTube subscribers affect the top networks
Of course, almost every YouTube channel owner who is more or less active in the network wants his videos and account to occupy the top positions of the top of this site. That is why many people are interested in the question related to the ability to get to the top places in the issue as quickly as possible. Most often, users try to use paid cheating of YouTube subscribers, assuming that this way they will be able to quickly break their way to the top of fame. Let’s see if this is true, and find out what affects the ranking of videos in the top.

Duration of the video. The higher this indicator is, the better it is absorbed by YouTube. That is, the standard time of the video in the network should be at least 10 minutes. Accordingly, everything that is longer in duration-faster goes to the top;

User activity. Your videos must have comments, likes and dislikes. Without these indicators, the video can almost be considered «dead» and it will clearly never be released in the top;

Views. Of course, this resource will have a fairly large impact on the ranking of Your video. Most often it is the videos with a high indicator that are in the first places;

Uniqueness of users. This is quite an interesting nuance. The fact is that Your video can be viewed, for example, 10 times by the same person, or 10 completely different users can turn it on once. Here is the last option and will be more advantageous for You. That is, the system takes into account how many different users viewed Your video;

The quality of the clips. Shoot videos in a better format. At the moment, it is 1080 p. As it was noticed, in the top, these videos are most often present;

SEO-optimization. Your video must meet these parameters, that is, have an interesting title with a key tag, a clear description with links,as well as several popular tags that match the theme of the video.

So, here are the main points that can really affect the output of Your video in the top search YouTube. But, as you can see, subscribers are not mentioned here. The fact is that they can affect the ranking of the video only indirectly. Your subscribers are Your audience, which provides the number of views, as well as the activity under the video. Therefore, it makes sense to use the cheat of subscribers on YouTube for a fee only as a way to attract real viewers and ensure the activity of the channel.

What is the price of a YouTube subscriber set by top bloggers
One of the most interesting and popular ways to get a new audience on the channel for many users is the ability to place ads in the videos of popular bloggers. Sometimes just a mention of your project is enough, as a whole army of fans of this character can come to You. Of course, this is a very tempting move. That is why users are trying to find out what price a YouTube subscriber will set for a particular blogger on their channel. Let’s look at this information.

The fact is that no one will name certain numbers for the audience that came to You, since no video blogger will tell you how many subscribers will come to you for advertising and whether they will come at all. So, this process is quite risky. We, in turn, can only name approximate prices only for the opportunity to place an ad about yourself on a particular channel.

So, currently, you can pay an amount for one mention of You, which will directly depend on the popularity of the channel and the wishes of its owner. Sometimes, it happens that channels with 10 thousand subscribers require simply fabulous and clearly unjustified investments. Fortunately, there are not many such individuals. Therefore, the average price tag of channels with an audience of less than 1 million fans varies from 10 thousand rubles to 200 thousand rubles. Accordingly, the closer the audience figure is to the coveted million, the cost of services will increase.

Thus, it turns out that there is no specific price for a YouTube subscriber, as, in fact, there are no guarantees for their actual receipt. Of course, if you are confident in the stunning results of this method, you can safely allocate a certain budget for this, negotiate with the selected character and expect instant replenishment of the audience. In all other cases, we recommend that you think carefully several times, weigh all the pros and cons, and calculate all possible situations.

What is the difference between subscribers in YouTube by interests and paid ones

Many users, after learning that you can buy subscribers to the YouTube channel in any number for a small amount of money, go all out and fill the account with such purchased «people». At the same time, they expect that now their channel will break out in the top, and the payment for displaying ads will grow to unprecedented heights. This is, of course, fundamentally wrong. And now we will explain why.

When you shoot and publish really interesting and worthwhile videos, users start subscribing to You themselves. At the same time, they actively put likes, comment on videos and share them with their subscribers or friends in other social networks. Thus, the YouTube system considers Your channel popular and interesting and gradually raises it to the top.

In order to stay in the top and attract new users, you should buy a small number of subscribers to the YouTube channel. However, keep in mind that this mass of users will mostly hang like a dead weight, only creating the impression of a large number of subscribers.

Extras for trust and trust

As we have already said above, you can buy YouTube subscribers in order for them to create a sense of the channel’s popularity. These accounts will only add numbers, but you should not expect activity from them. Then, it would seem, why do I need to buy subscribers at all? The fact is that users on the Internet, probably fortunately, are characterized by such behavior as the»crowd effect». Therefore, when another user comes to Your channel or views a video from it, they involuntarily pay attention to the main red counter. And the more people he sees subscribed to this channel, the more he shows interest in Your publications.

Accordingly, we can conclude that paid subscribers are necessary to increase the trust (trust) or loyalty of new users.

Where to order subscribers to YouTube channel cheaper and safer
As the most optimal option for purchasing subscribers, we offered to use the services of our site. However, we understand that this offer may be of concern to users, since they simply have nothing to compare it with. Therefore, we recommend that you first look for alternatives and compare them. And where to order subscribers to the YouTube channel will be cheaper and safer, it’s up to You. We, in turn, will provide the main parameters for analyzing sites and services:

First, look at the most popular and well-known sites and select several of them with a very positive reputation, which you can find out about by customer reviews;

Next, filter out those sites that require registration before getting to the internal pages. Also, some of them ask you to provide access to Your social network account by installing a special application, which is also very suspicious. So, by providing full access to your page, you risk losing it altogether;

On the remaining sites, review the design and ease of navigation. You should be comfortable navigating from page to page and getting the necessary information;

Then carefully review the description of the services and make sure That you have chosen exactly what is right for you. You must imagine what you will get in the end, as well as how fast and effective the result will be;

Also, take the time and read the entire agreement-agreement or site rules. The fact that it was there most of the time You will be able to find the answers to most of your questions. In addition, this way You will understand exactly what you need for a successful result;

See which payment companies the site cooperates with. It will only be a plus if there are as many payment options as possible. So, you can choose the most suitable payment method that will provide you with a secure transfer;

Another positive bonus that You can find on a particular service is the guarantees provided to customers. It is with their help that You can achieve very high quality results and solve the problem;

Well, do not forget about the technical support of the site. It is from its employees that the successful outcome of the entire order or the resolution of a difficult situation with the acquisition of subscribers can sometimes depend.

These are the parameters you can use to evaluate each site and find where to order subscribers to the YouTube channel will be the cheapest and safest. Try to find a couple of sites and compare them with our Doctor SMM service.

Cheat YouTube subscribers for money is cheaper than $ 1.5 per 1000
Today, many owners of YouTube channels, realizing the importance of an impressive audience for its rapid popularization, prefer to immediately give weight to their offspring by paying for the necessary indicators. But to do this, you need to choose a sensible and reliable SMM service. How do I do this?

In order to make it as profitable as possible to cheat YouTube subscribers for money by 100, 500, 1000, 10000 units or more, you will need:

To perform a search results Yandex and Google. Score a request, for example: paid promotion of the youtube channel and compare the prices and terms of the proposed SMM sites. The principle of delivery is that the most delicious services are at the top of the list. Most often, the leader of the search Top is our inexpensive online service DoctorSMM, since there are very low prices for all SMM services, including YouTube subscribers, decent quality and their fast delivery. In addition, there is a guarantee.

Search the Web for reviews of your favorite services to get a third-party opinion.

Pay attention to the presence of registration and authorization through accounts in social networks. This is a kind of alarm call-the transfer of data stored in the profile to a third party.

Be sure to study the offer agreements, whether there is a «small print», so that there are no surprises later.

Talk to online consultants, paying attention to how quickly the answer to Your question is received, how much it is adequate, who is communicating with You: a robot or a real employee.

See how you can pay for your order: which payment systems each service cooperates with.

An important point is the provision of guarantees, since not all services can offer their customers to reduce their risks through guarantees.

Choosing the best SMM service provider in Your opinion, you should first test it: buy 50, 100 trial subscribers to make sure that the cheat is safe, see how quickly they will arrive on the channel and whether they will unsubscribe immediately after the procedure is completed.

Wait a few days to make sure that everything went well and there are no risks or negative points. Then proceed to full-fledged shopping!

We recommend you start with our service Doctortm with cheap prices. You will 100% enjoy the cost of our YouTube subscribers cheat for a fee. In the wholesale price list, only the most delicious offers. You will definitely find the option you need and increase the number of your audience on the most favorable terms, which will instantly attract already targeted subscribers to Your channel and make it noticeably more popular.

Even on our site You can find out how to continue developing your channel to a profitable state after the cheat procedure, in order to eventually start receiving regular income.

How to make a lot of YouTube subscribers-SMM online service
YouTube subscriber promotion services are a great way to get a lot of subscribers without any effort. Despite all its charm, it is not necessary to dial the subscription is the only way. If you want to increase activity on the channel and attract live subscribers, you need to do it correctly.

Many bloggers at the beginning or end of the video call users to action: subscribe and like. Oddly enough, this technique works and increases activity by 40 %! So, if you want to get subscribers to YouTube online, you should adopt this method.

Users search for videos in the search engine or in the video hosting itself through queries. You can find out which queries are most popular within Your topic and insert them in the title and description of each video. Then Your videos will be shown to people when they search and get more views, and your channel will get more subscribers. The Yandex Wordstat service will help you determine the popularity of certain tags.

You can get subscriptions not only through YouTube, but also attract people from Yandex and Google. To do this, you need to add links to each video. Usually they are put down manually or purchased. The latter usually give more results.

Another Golden rule of promotion on YouTube: a lot of videos and even more videos! Authors who regularly release new videos gain subscribers much faster than those bloggers who do it from time to time.

You probably sit in other social networks, except YouTube. So use their potential! Repost videos from the channel to the wall to attract new people. Place not the link to the video itself, but its code, so that users can see the video image instead of a set of characters.

Respond to Your audience and communicate with them. Respond to comments and take into account people’s wishes. This will not attract new subscribers, but it will warm up and retain the interest of existing ones.

Ask your friends who are registered on Youtube to subscribe to Your channel, and they will be Your most loyal audience.

Buying ads is a costly but fast way to attract new subscribers to your channel. It will be effective only if you have correctly chosen a blog for advertising. First, it must match Your audience’s interests. Second, the channel must be active and have good statistics.

Try to make a video in response to someone else’s popular videos. It is important that your chosen videos not only fit Your theme, but also gain a lot of views.

We are sure that all these methods will help you increase your audience on the online channel. YouTube subscribers don’t just come in. But if you put your time and resources into it, you will see 100% results over time.